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Reusable letter array
Letter layout for 7-by-many puzzle

This type of puzzle has seven letters, all different, but each letter can be used as many times as necessary in making a word. Hence it is a "seven-by-many" puzzle. In these puzzles words must have at least five letters. There is no upper limit on word length.

There will be at least one word that uses all seven letters, but it may well have more than seven letters. As in all Chihuahua puzzles, the letter in the middle must be used in every word.

There is a daily 7-by-many puzzle. You can also create your own random puzzles or under the Your Puzzles tab.

Because each letter can be played multiple times, you cannot submit your word by double-clicking on the last letter, as you can in 9- and 10-letter puzzles. Submit a word by clicking the arrow icon Submit button to the left of the word or the Submit button towards the bottom left of the display. Or just hold your mouse button or finger down on the last letter of the word.

In these puzzles there is an option to have the word you're building appear as a string of text so that more letters can fit in if a word is very long. Control this using the Tile option checkbox checkbox above the word. If this checkbox is unchecked you cannot rearrange the letters played by dragging them, but you can remove them one at a time using the backspace button Backspace button  width= towards the bottom left of the display.