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The Chihuahua word puzzle is available at two addresses:

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How to play

Make as many words as you can with the letters given, always using the central letter with the yellow background. Your words must have 4 letters* or more, you cannot generally use plurals and verb forms made by adding S to the end of a base word, and at least one word must use all the letters.

* In the 7-by-many puzzle each word must have at least 5 letters, but you can use the same letter many times.

Warning: By default, there is no censorship of words found in modern dictionaries. A few of the words accepted might be considered offensive by some players.

Click on a letter to use it in your word. When your word is finished, click on the arrow symbol to the left of the word.

Put your name on the scoreboard and compete against the world! Or register your password (free) so you can sign in and continue your game on any computer.

There are new puzzles every day, and you can create your own puzzles, too.

To learn more about the Chihuahua puzzle, visit the Help Page or the Questions and Answers Page.

Visit the Lexigame Forum to chat with other players. Visit the Player Statistics page to see how you've played over time.