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Try out your word-making skills on this free online word puzzle.

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The game is based on a traditional paper-and-pencil game known by various names, including Word Hunt, Words within Words and Key Words. In these games, players write down as many words as they can make from the letters of a key word of 8 to 12 letters. The concept has been used for many years in "Target" word puzzles in newspapers around the world. (See The Penguin Book of Word Games, 1982, by David Parlett.)

Chihuahua brings this game concept to the Internet for the first time. With Chihuahua, you -

However, for those moments when you don't have an Internet-connected computer at hand, there is also a series of books of Chihuahua puzzles. Read more about them on the Chihuahua Puzzle Books page, or buy them from

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Chihuahua is a creation of, founded by Alan Walker in Australia. Lexigame's aim is to produce word games unlike any others currently available.

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The following sources have been useful in the creation of the Chihuahua word puzzle.


Chihuahua uses its own word list, compiled with the use of many resources, in particular:

For general information and ideas on word games, David Parlett's Web site and books, The Penguin Book of Word Games (1982) and The Guinness Book of Word Games (1995) have been most helpful.

The Chinwag rule, "Be Nice", is inspired by the Rules of the JavaRanch Big Moose Saloon.


Chihuahua is designed to run without the need for Java or Flash plugins. (Although where Flash is available, it is used to play sounds if the sound effects option is selected.) Chihuahua uses JavaScript and CSS. Perl and MySQL are used on the server. Communication with the server uses the jQuery implementation of Ajax.

Chihuahua uses Scott Schiller's SoundManager2, a JavaScript interface for using Flash to play sounds. Chihuahua also uses the JavaScript implementation of the MD5 hashing algorithm by "Paj" (Paul Johnston) and the YUI Compressor JavaScript compression tool. Andris Reinman's jStorage is used for local data storage in the Browser. The email form on this page uses an adaptation of the FormMail script from Matt's Script Archive.

Sounds and images

Some of the sound effects in the puzzle were purchased from the SoundRangers library.

The chinchilla image on the 10-letter puzzle is adapted from the photograph by Salix at, and is licensed under the same Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license as the original photograph. Follow the above link for details.


And thanks also to the many players of the Chihuahua puzzle who have given me valuable comments and suggestions.

Needless to say, none of the worthy authors listed above are responsible for anything wrong with the Chihuahua puzzle or website. All bugs, design flaws and the like are my own work.