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Top of Your Puzzles display

Here, you can make your own puzzle by clicking on the New... button and filling in the New Puzzle form. Every puzzle has a six-character code to identify it - send this to your friends, and they can play against you.

To open a puzzle when someone has sent you its code, type or paste the code into the Puzzle code field and Get button field labeled "Code:" and click on the Get button next to it. If the Get button does not appear once you have inserted the code, press Enter on your keyboard. Alternatively, if you click your mouse pointer somewhere outside the Code field, the Get button should appear.

See some of the puzzles other players have made by clicking on the Open... button, to bring up the Puzzle Menus. Open any of the puzzles shown and join in the play.

If you are a registered player, Puzzle code field and Publish button once you've made a puzzle, you can click on Publish... and use the Publish Puzzle form, so that other Chihuahua players can see your puzzle when they look at the Puzzle Menus.

When you make a puzzle, you have the option of including Chinwag, so the players can share comments with each other as they play.