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Click on a letter to move it into your word. When the word is complete, press the submit button to the left of your word Submit button or the Submit button at the bottom left of the board. Another way to submit a word is to double-click when you play the last letter, or hold down your mouse button (or finger on a touch screen) for a second or so on the last letter.

To clear all the letters in your word, press the clear icon to the right of your word Clear button or the Clear button near the bottom left hand corner of the board. Also, if your word has been rejected, just click somewhere on the letter frame, but not on a letter. To clear just one letter, drag it away from the word and release the mouse button when the clear symbol appears. Or, to clear the last letter played, click on the backspace button Backspace button near the bottom left hand corner of the board.

There's a special type of puzzle where each letter can be played more than once. This type of puzzle works a little differently — see 7-by-many puzzles, with reusable letters.

You can play using the keyboard instead of the mouse if you prefer. See Handy Tools for details.