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Chihuahua Large Print Nine-Letter Word Puzzles

The first large print Chihuahua puzzle book, containing 75 nine-letter word-finding puzzles.

The book uses well spaced 16 point type for all text, including puzzle targets and solutions. See how many words of at least four letters you can make from an array of nine letters. The letter in the middle must be used in every word, and at least one word can be made that uses all the letters. All possible words are listed in the Solution section.

Available in standard paperback format from Amazon, Amazon UK and other online booksellers.

This book is also available in two coil-bound editions. The larger coil-bound book has US Letter sized pages (similar to A4), and has plenty of space for writing your answers. The smaller edition is a more typical paperback book size (A5 pages), for portability, but has less blank space for writing in your words.

Both of the coil-bound editions are available only from

Large print puzzle book in three formats

Three formats for Chihuahua Large Print Puzzles