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While you're playing any puzzle, your word count goes onto the scoreboard (to the right of the game area), along with the scores of all the other people who've played the puzzle. Of course, once you've looked at the solution, your score won't increase any further, even if you keep playing. And once a puzzle closes, its scores are frozen.

There's a "Rare" label Rare word indicator at the top of the Scoreboard that indicates whether the scores include the extremely rare words recognised by Chihuahua. In a daily puzzle, you can turn this on or off, to control which words are counted in the scores displayed - just click on the label. In Your Puzzles, the player who makes a puzzle decides whether rare words are included in the scoring. If they are not included, you can't turn them on.

There's a note above your words to let you know how many of the more common words remain to be found. These words are shown in ordinary type, while the rarer words are shown in italics.

The hit rate (shown in some puzzles on the top of the word list and/or on the scoreboard) shows the percentage of words tried that were accepted.

A yellow star Star graphic next to a player's name means they've found a common word using all the letters. If you find two common words using all the letters (which is possible sometimes), you'll get two stars, and so on. Rare words using all the letters are rewarded with green stars Star graphic.

The rosette appears when someone has found all the common (that is, not rare) words in a puzzle. The trophy appears when a player has found absolutely all the possible words, common and rare.

If you want to get the latest news on how everybody else is doing on the puzzle you're playing, you can update the scoreboard by pressing the refresh button at the top of the score display.