Help > Player registration

Your score can be anonymous, but why not register a player name and password? Then you can come back to the site later in the day and add more words. You can also return to your latest random puzzle, of any type. And you can get back to the same puzzles on any computer, tablet or phone. Registration is simple and free.

To register, click on the link just above the scoreboard and fill out the form displayed. You'll need to provide a valid email address, because an activation code will be sent there for completing the registration process.

When registering, you may wish to tick the "Sign in automatically on this computer" box, so you won't have to type your player name and password every time you come to the Chihuahua site. (This depends on "cookies" - if your computer doesn't allow cookies, you won't be offered this option.) Also, your browser software may offer to remember your sign-in details. Obviously, you might not want to use these features if you are on a shared computer.

You can update your registration details by clicking on the Details button. Registered players have their names presented as links on the scoreboard. Clicking on one of these player names displays the player's profile.

If you forget your password at some stage, there's a link you can click on (just under the Sign in button) to open a form where you can choose a new password. So we can be sure it's really you changing your password, a new activation code will be emailed to you. The new password will not be active until this activation code is used. If this confirmation email doesn't arrive, could it be that you are no longer using the email address you registered with? If you've forgotten your password and changed your email and not updated your profile, there's nothing we can do for you! You'll just have to choose a new player name and register again.